April 5: New 6 Week Group Guitar Class

I am excited to announce that starting April 5th a new group guitar class will be offered at the studio. Need a little structure to your practice and want to increase your song repertoire? This 6 week long session is ideal for beginner and intermediate students looking to learn, practice and improve basic guitar techniques while exploring new songs. Each week we learn a new popular song and examine the mechanics and theory behind it!

Guitar Studio (8 seats available)
April 5-May 10, Tuesdays at 7:00pm-8:00pm
Jump start your guitar playing in this 6 week crash course and build your song repertoire. 
Appropriate for beginner and intermediate level players. Each week we learn a new popular song while covering guitar basics including:

  • How to read chord charts
  • Open chords and power chords
  • Reading and understanding TAB
  • Alternative chord voicings
  • Beginner lead techniques 

$120/6 weeks + 30min one on one session
$30/per class drop in rate
Payments accepted Credit Card, Cash, Check by April 4 to reserve your seat

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10 Minute Practice

No doubt you are busy. On top of a full day you have a passion to learn a new instrument. You may find the idea of sitting and studying for 30min entirely too daunting. Discouraged you are tempted to stop practicing all together. Do not fear. There is a powerful and productive way to think about practice in small, incremental steps. Visiting your instrument for as little as ten minutes a day can reinforce new material and create a ritual that becomes an integral part of your life.

  • Couple Practice with an Already Established Daily Activity
  • Mark Calendar and Set Smart Phone Alert
  • Practice Efficiently & Intentionally with Suggested 10min Breakdown
  • Commit to One Week & Evaluate

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Deciding between Piano or Guitar?

First and foremost choose the instrument that you or your child is most passionate about. What do you visualize yourself playing? Does your child play air guitar or air piano when music is present? If you are unsure, then I recommend starting with the piano. It is an easy basis for launching a fundamental knowledge of music. It is physically easier to play than the guitar. By this I mean that getting a clear tone from the piano is fairly simple as opposed to the guitar, which can cause some younger students frustration. The piano is linear, visually a little more comprehensible and immediately more satisfying. This has been my experience in teaching.